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Pendant laser 5 diamonds 0.75ct.Pendant laser 5 diamonds 0.75ct.
Laser diamond pendant 0.40ct.Laser diamond pendant 0.40ct.
Laser diamond pendant 0.40ct. Sale price1.870€
Laser diamonds pendantLaser diamonds pendant
Laser diamonds pendant Sale price1.940€
Laser diamond pendant 0.50ct.
Laser diamond pendant 0.50ct. Sale price2.340€
Laser diamond pendantLaser diamond pendant
Laser diamond pendant Sale price2.370€
Pendant laser 5 pear diamondsPendant laser 5 pear diamonds
Pendant laser 5 pear diamonds Sale price2.040€
Laser double diamond 0.60 ctLaser double diamond 0.60 ct
Laser double diamond 0.60 ct Sale price2.260€
Laser quintuple diamond pendantLaser quintuple diamond pendant
Laser double-chain diamond pendantLaser double-chain diamond pendant
Sky necklaceSky necklace
Sky necklace Sale price4.380€
Enredadera pendantEnredadera pendant
Enredadera pendant Sale price3.840€
Garden pendantGarden pendant
Garden pendant Sale price6.900€
9 diamonds necklace 0.99ct.9 diamonds necklace 0.99ct.
9 diamonds necklace 0.99ct. Sale price3.750€
Midnight pendant 0.32ct.Midnight pendant 0.32ct.
Midnight pendant 0.32ct. Sale price2.370€
Emerald and diamonds pendant necklaceEmerald and diamonds pendant necklace
Clasp 0.50ct.
Clasp 0.50ct. Sale price4.720€
Clasp 0.70ct.
Clasp 0.70ct. Sale price7.290€
Oval emerald and diamonds pendant necklaceOval emerald and diamonds pendant necklace
Cabo dragon pendant long chain
Cabo dragon pendant long chain Sale price3.350€
Laser 5 diamonds necklaceLaser 5 diamonds necklace
Laser 5 diamonds necklace Sale price4.560€
Balls and chain long necklace 100cmBalls and chain long necklace 100cm
Black flower clasp
Black flower clasp Sale price2.010€
Duo balls necklaceDuo balls necklace
Duo balls necklace Sale price4.180€
Cabo loops choker necklaceCabo loops choker necklace
Cabo loops choker necklace Sale price5.280€
Multi balls necklace
Multi balls necklace Sale price5.240€
Clasp 0.90ct.
Clasp 0.90ct. Sale price11.510€
Clasp 2.46ct.
Clasp 2.46ct.
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Balls necklace 60 cm
Balls necklace 60 cm Sale price7.580€
Clasp 1.01ct.
Clasp 1.01ct. Sale price15.780€
Cabo loops necklaceCabo loops necklace
Cabo loops necklace Sale price6.970€
Texture necklace chokerTexture necklace choker
Texture necklace choker Sale price6.390€
Cabo bird pendantCabo bird pendant
Cabo bird pendant Sale price2.160€
Solitaire pendant 0.58ct.
Solitaire pendant 0.58ct. Sale price7.280€
Solitaire pendant 0.90ct.
Solitaire pendant 0.90ct. Sale price13.510€
Princess pendant 1.71ct.Princess pendant 1.71ct.
Round brilliant pendant 2.35ct.Round brilliant pendant 2.35ct.
Pantera pendant 3.17ct.Pantera pendant 3.17ct.
Leo medal claspLeo medal clasp
Leo medal clasp Sale price1.140€