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Bies Collection

Innovative and voluminous jewellery that explores architectural forms where the stones are carved into gold designs, highlighting the jewels with simplicity.

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Sky pendantSky pendant
Sky pendant Sale price1.720€
Skyline necklaceSkyline necklace
Skyline necklace Sale price8.800€
Sky necklaceSky necklace
Sky necklace Sale price4.380€
Wing chokerWing choker
Wing choker Sale price4.550€
Ole earringsOle earrings
Ole earrings Sale price5.520€
Wing ringWing ring
Wing ring Sale price1.540€
Bies hoop earrings white
Bies hoop earrings white Sale price3.220€
Bies bracelet yellowBies bracelet yellow
Bies bracelet yellow Sale price1.340€
Bies pendant whiteBies pendant white
Bies pendant white Sale price1.490€
Bies trio ring yellowBies trio ring yellow
Bies trio ring yellow Sale price4.000€
Bies iconic earrings
Bies iconic earrings Sale price15.830€
Bies hook earrings white
Bies hook earrings white Sale price2.440€
Wing braceletWing bracelet
Wing bracelet Sale price6.030€
Rombo ringRombo ring
Rombo ring Sale price4.050€
Wing earringsWing earrings
Wing earrings Sale price5.360€
Rivière bracelet
Rivière bracelet Sale price3.160€
Bies bracelet whiteBies bracelet white
Bies bracelet white Sale price1.340€
Bies pendant yellow goldBies pendant yellow gold
Bies pendant yellow gold Sale price1.550€
Claws climber earrings (4)
Claws climber earrings (4) Sale price2.270€
Claws climber earrings (5)
Claws climber earrings (5) Sale price2.810€
Claws climber earrings (7)
Claws climber earrings (7) Sale price2.990€
Sky pendantSky pendant
Sky pendant Sale price1.970€
Bies climber (4)
Bies climber (4) Sale price2.430€
Bies hook earrings yellow
Bies hook earrings yellow Sale price2.440€
Bies hook asymmetric earrings
Bies hook asymmetric earrings Sale price3.410€
Bies ringBies ring
Bies ring Sale price6.200€
Bies hook earrings duo
Bies hook earrings duo Sale price6.660€
Hexagonal pendantHexagonal pendant
Hexagonal pendant Sale price1.730€
Bies trio ring whiteBies trio ring white
Bies trio ring white Sale price3.980€
Hexagonal claws earrings
Hexagonal claws earrings Sale price6.710€
Bies hook earrings white
Bies hook earrings white Sale price6.620€
Rombo Bies ringRombo Bies ring
Rombo Bies ring Sale price3.070€
Radiant earrings
Radiant earrings Sale price25.400€
Radiant ringRadiant ring
Radiant ring Sale price8.400€
Princess pendant 1.71ct.Princess pendant 1.71ct.
Round brilliant pendant 2.35ct.Round brilliant pendant 2.35ct.
Pantera pendant 3.17ct.Pantera pendant 3.17ct.
Hexagonal earrings
Hexagonal earrings Sale price6.800€
Waterfall earrings
Waterfall earrings Sale price15.030€
Leandra ringLeandra ring
Leandra ring
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Wings chokerWings choker
Wings choker Sale price12.070€
Trapeze earrings
Trapeze earrings Sale price11.940€
Single Bies pendantSingle Bies pendant
Single Bies pendant Sale price830€
Fine Bies ring whiteFine Bies ring white
Fine Bies ring white Sale price790€
Triple Bies pendantTriple Bies pendant
Triple Bies pendant Sale price940€
Fine Bies ring yellowFine Bies ring yellow
Fine Bies ring yellow Sale price790€
Bies climber (5)Bies climber (5)
Bies climber (5) Sale price2.700€