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Cabo Collection

An ode to gold at its best: all Cabo pieces are made from smooth 18K gold combined with diamonds. Inspired by ancient Egyptian jewellery and their conception of gold as a divine metal.

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Cabo climber earrings (5)
Cabo climber earrings (5) Sale price1.860€
Charlotte engagement ringCharlotte engagement ring
Mica Cabo earringsMica Cabo earrings
Mica Cabo earrings Sale price6.370€
Cabo ola ringCabo ola ring
Cabo ola ring Sale price1.280€
Cabo & Midnight long earringsCabo & Midnight long earrings
Cabo & Midnight long earrings Sale price10.690€
Cabo pears ringCabo pears ring
Cabo pears ring Sale price5.990€
Cabo bracelet double chainCabo bracelet double chain
Cabo bracelet double chain Sale price980€
Mica earrings
Mica earrings Sale price4.740€
Cabo & Midnight bridge earrings
Rey necklaceRey necklace
Rey necklace Sale price18.250€
Letter Cabo pendantLetter Cabo pendant
Letter Cabo pendant Sale price3.290€
Multi open Cabo ringMulti open Cabo ring
Multi open Cabo ring Sale price3.370€
Cabo bridge earrings S
Cabo bridge earrings S Sale price3.990€
Cabo rombo hook earrings
Cabo rombo hook earrings Sale price7.260€
9 diamonds Cabo necklace9 diamonds Cabo necklace
9 diamonds Cabo necklace Sale price4.750€
Cabo noria ringCabo noria ring
Cabo noria ring Sale price1.250€
Racimo Cabo earrings
Racimo Cabo earrings Sale price6.630€
Crown necklaceCrown necklace
Crown necklace
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Cabo noria earrings MCabo noria earrings M
Cabo noria earrings M Sale price3.050€
Cabo rombo pendantCabo rombo pendant
Cabo rombo pendant Sale price4.180€
Cabo dragon ringCabo dragon ring
Cabo dragon ring Sale price3.710€
Cabo & Midnight earrings
Cabo & Midnight earrings Sale price2.370€
Cabo & oval diamonds ring
Cabo & oval diamonds ring Sale price4.950€
Bridge diamond earrings M
Bridge diamond earrings M Sale price7.370€
Cabo dragon pendant XLCabo dragon pendant XL
Cabo dragon pendant XL Sale price3.030€
Cabo twist diamond pinky ringCabo twist diamond pinky ring
Cabo twist diamond pinky ring Sale price2.350€
Cabo dragon pendantCabo dragon pendant
Cabo dragon pendant Sale price2.230€
Cabo ring XSCabo ring XS
Cabo ring XS Sale price240€
Sun pendantSun pendant
Sun pendant Sale price1.580€
Sun braceletSun bracelet
Sun bracelet Sale price1.410€
Sun long pendantSun long pendant
Sun long pendant Sale price2.400€
Cabo diamond hoop earrings XS
Cabo diamond hoop earrings XS Sale price1.700€
Marquise Cabo ringMarquise Cabo ring
Marquise Cabo ring
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Cabo 2 diamonds open ringCabo 2 diamonds open ring
Cabo 2 diamonds open ring Sale price1.650€
Cabo diagonal ringCabo diagonal ring
Cabo diagonal ring Sale price4.840€
Cabo flex diamonds braceletCabo flex diamonds bracelet
Cabo flex diamonds bracelet Sale price1.900€
Cabo rombo ringCabo rombo ring
Cabo rombo ring Sale price3.900€
Bars Cabo chain necklaceBars Cabo chain necklace
Bars Cabo chain necklace Sale price4.710€
Cabo rombo earrings
Cabo rombo earrings Sale price7.400€
Cabo Anitta ring
Cabo Anitta ring
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Cabo rueda earringsCabo rueda earrings
Cabo rueda earrings Sale price2.750€
Cabo iconic earringsCabo iconic earrings
Cabo iconic earrings Sale price11.770€
Cabo diamond solitaire ringCabo diamond solitaire ring
Cabo diamond solitaire ring Sale price15.730€
Cabo flex braceletCabo flex bracelet
Cabo flex bracelet Sale price1.700€
Cabo solitaire ringCabo solitaire ring
Cabo solitaire ring
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Cabo ring SCabo ring S
Cabo ring S Sale price500€
Cabo tube necklaceCabo tube necklace
Cabo tube necklace Sale price10.480€
Cabo dragon ring black rhodiumCabo dragon ring black rhodium
Cabo dragon ring black rhodium Sale price3.710€