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Cabo pendant necklace SCabo pendant necklace S
Cabo pendant necklace S Sale price950€
Midnight rivière necklaceMidnight rivière necklace
Tapers and balls necklaceTapers and balls necklace
Tapers and balls necklace Sale price17.470€
Cabo riviere necklaceCabo riviere necklace
Cabo riviere necklace
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Cabo dragon pendant XLCabo dragon pendant XL
Cabo dragon pendant XL Sale price3.030€
Emerald clasp 2.92ct
Emerald clasp 2.92ct
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Laser eternal 0.07ct. pendantLaser eternal 0.07ct. pendant
Laser triple diamond pendantLaser triple diamond pendant
Laser triple diamond pendant Sale price1.380€
Laser diamond pendant 0.15ct.Laser diamond pendant 0.15ct.
Single Bies pendantSingle Bies pendant
Single Bies pendant Sale price830€
Laser diamond pendant 0.07ct.Laser diamond pendant 0.07ct.
Triple Bies pendantTriple Bies pendant
Triple Bies pendant Sale price940€
Duo pearls necklaceDuo pearls necklace
Duo pearls necklace Sale price880€
Pearl and ball pendant necklacePearl and ball pendant necklace
Moon pearls necklaceMoon pearls necklace
Moon pearls necklace Sale price900€
Cabo tube necklaceCabo tube necklace
Cabo tube necklace Sale price10.480€
Texture necklace XL chokerTexture necklace XL choker
Texture necklace XL choker Sale price12.630€
Texture long necklaceTexture long necklace
Texture long necklace Sale price3.520€
Cabo pendant tripleCabo pendant triple
Cabo pendant triple Sale price1.630€
Mini letter Gold & Gold pendantMini letter Gold & Gold pendant
Midnight pendant 0.18ct.Midnight pendant 0.18ct.
Midnight pendant 0.18ct. Sale price1.030€
Cabo tube and chain necklace
Cabo tube and chain necklace Sale price2.220€
Cabo pendant necklace MCabo pendant necklace M
Cabo pendant necklace M Sale price1.890€
Emerald ball pendantEmerald ball pendant
Emerald ball pendant Sale price2.960€
Sun long pendantSun long pendant
Sun long pendant Sale price2.400€
Cabo diamonds necklace (5)Cabo diamonds necklace (5)
Cabo diamonds necklace (5) Sale price2.140€
Pearl and diamond pendant necklacePearl and diamond pendant necklace
Midnight pendant 0.21ct.Midnight pendant 0.21ct.
Midnight pendant 0.21ct. Sale price1.360€
Sapphire and laser pendantSapphire and laser pendant
Sapphire and laser pendant Sale price1.470€
Laser eternal 0.23ct. pendantLaser eternal 0.23ct. pendant
Laser eternal 0.23ct. pendant Sale price1.290€
Emerald and laser pendantEmerald and laser pendant
Emerald and laser pendant Sale price1.510€
Texture pearl necklaceTexture pearl necklace
Texture pearl necklace Sale price3.710€
Texture 3-strand necklace
Texture 3-strand necklace Sale price4.550€
Texture 5-strand necklaceTexture 5-strand necklace
Texture 5-strand necklace Sale price7.160€
Laser eternal 0.15ct. pendantLaser eternal 0.15ct. pendant
Laser 5 diamonds pendantLaser 5 diamonds pendant
Laser 5 diamonds pendant Sale price1.130€
Laser diamond pendant 0.25ct.Laser diamond pendant 0.25ct.
Laser diamond pendant 0.25ct. Sale price1.120€
Laser 2 diamonds 0.45ct.Laser 2 diamonds 0.45ct.
Laser 2 diamonds 0.45ct. Sale price1.710€
Pendant laser pearPendant laser pear
Pendant laser pear Sale price1.230€
Laser diamond pendant 0.25ct. rhodiumLaser diamond pendant 0.25ct. rhodium
Laser diamond pendant 0.32ct.
Laser diamond pendant 0.32ct. Sale price1.510€
Laser diamond pendant 0.30ct. rhodiumLaser diamond pendant 0.30ct. rhodium
Laser double diamond 0.45ctLaser double diamond 0.45ct
Laser double diamond 0.45ct Sale price1.660€
Balls and chain necklace 40cm
Balls and chain necklace 40cm Sale price1.680€
Pearls and chain necklacePearls and chain necklace
Pearls and chain necklace Sale price2.180€
Solitaire pendant 0.25ct.
Solitaire pendant 0.25ct. Sale price2.440€
Texture necklaceTexture necklace
Texture necklace Sale price1.930€
Cabo diamonds necklace (7)Cabo diamonds necklace (7)
Cabo diamonds necklace (7) Sale price3.890€