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This is a collection that searches for a natural finish inspired by an antique jewellery technique that mixes rusty gold with diamonds.

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Gota earringsGota earrings
Gota earrings Sale price$5,423.00
Pear solitaire ringPear solitaire ring
Pear solitaire ring
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Gotas long earringsGotas long earrings
Gotas long earrings Sale price$10,701.00
Letter Midnight pendantLetter Midnight pendant
Letter Midnight pendant Sale price$3,482.00
Kristy earringKristy earring
Kristy earring Sale price$13,595.00
Taper pendantTaper pendant
Taper pendant Sale price$25,337.00
Oval engagement ringOval engagement ring
Oval engagement ring
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Double taper hoop earrings
Double taper hoop earrings Sale price$3,992.00
Midnight rivière braceletMidnight rivière bracelet
Midnight rivière bracelet Sale price$8,627.00
Hoop earrings 3 diamonds
Hoop earrings 3 diamonds Sale price$3,471.00
9 diamonds necklace 0.99ct.9 diamonds necklace 0.99ct.
9 diamonds necklace 0.99ct. Sale price$4,713.00
Midnight climber earrings (4)
Midnight climber earrings (4) Sale price$2,728.00
Midnight bracelet with triple diamondMidnight bracelet with triple diamond
Racimo Midnight earringsRacimo Midnight earrings
Racimo Midnight earrings Sale price$28,032.00
Constellation earringsConstellation earrings
Constellation earrings Sale price$1,398.00
Midnight ring SMidnight ring S
Midnight ring S Sale price$1,032.00
Feather hook earrings
Feather hook earrings Sale price$1,697.00
Pendant with 0.04ct. diamondPendant with 0.04ct. diamond
Pendant with 0.04ct. diamond Sale price$932.00
Midnight open ring SMidnight open ring S
Midnight open ring S Sale price$1,010.00
Baroque pearl claspBaroque pearl clasp
Baroque pearl clasp Sale price$3,826.00
Midnight rivière necklaceMidnight rivière necklace
Star necklaceStar necklace
Star necklace
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1.58 ct. long earrings
Noche long earrings 1.58ct. Sale price$6,676.00
Bracelet with 0.25 ct. diamondMidnight bracelet 0.25ct.
Midnight bracelet 0.25ct. Sale price$2,007.00
Constellation earrings
Constellation earrings Sale price$1,442.00
Midnight pendant 0.18ct.Midnight pendant 0.18ct.
Midnight pendant 0.18ct. Sale price$1,708.00
Flower pendantFlower pendant
Flower pendant Sale price$1,719.00
0.14 ct. hoop earrings
0.14ct. hoop earrings Sale price$1,819.00
Constellation earrings
Constellation earrings Sale price$1,353.00
Constellation earrings
Constellation earrings Sale price$1,364.00
Midnight pendant 0.21ct.Midnight pendant 0.21ct.
Midnight pendant 0.21ct. Sale price$1,852.00
Midnight open ring MMidnight open ring M
Midnight open ring M Sale price$2,019.00
Midnight ring M
Midnight ring M Sale price$2,052.00
Taper-3 necklaceTaper-3 necklace
Taper-3 necklace Sale price$6,587.00
Taper earrings with gold ball and black rhodium
Taper and ball earrings Sale price$2,041.00
0.20ct. hoop earrings
0.20ct. hoop earrings Sale price$2,063.00
Racimo earrings with diamonds
Racimo earrings with diamonds Sale price$2,107.00
Diamonds hook earrings
Diamonds hook earrings Sale price$2,218.00
Tapers and balls necklaceTapers and balls necklace
Tapers and balls necklace Sale price$25,337.00
Taper ringTaper ring
Taper ring Sale price$2,939.00
Long earrings with gold ball and black rhodium
Taper and ball hoop earrings Sale price$2,673.00
Hexagonal pendantHexagonal pendant
Hexagonal pendant Sale price$2,329.00
0.34ct. hoop earrings
0.34ct. hoop earrings Sale price$2,850.00
Midnight climber earrings yellow (4)
Solitaire pendant 0.25ct.
Solitaire pendant 0.25ct. Sale price$3,327.00
Double taper hook earrings
Double taper hook earrings Sale price$3,349.00
0.50ct. sleeper earrings
0.50ct. sleeper earrings Sale price$3,382.00
Midnight pendant 0.32ct.Midnight pendant 0.32ct.
Midnight pendant 0.32ct. Sale price$3,405.00