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What are Cookies and how are they used in Leandra?

While browsing, whether on a computer, tablet or mobile device, the website you are using installs cookies, which are used to collect information about your visit. We use cookies to:


- Ensure the correct operation of the website.

- Store your preferences so that you don't have to select them every time you visit.

- Improve your browsing experience.

- Collect completely anonymous statistical information.


Cookies, in short, allow us to improve the user browsing experience, adapting information and services to your preferences.


Under no circumstances may Cookies be used to collect personal information, all the data they provide are associated with a user and their computer anonymously. The user can change the Cookie settings at any time in their browser or mobile application, however, the quality of the services in terms of web browsing will be negatively affected.


Registered users can customise the services and adapt them to their preferences using the registration information and the information stored in the Cookies to make browsing easier and more efficient.


With our newsletters, we want you to receive information of real interest to you so we use tools that allow us to know whether or not the emails have been read, on what date and the IP address from which they have been read. We use this information to improve our email service, with the aim of improving and offering more relevant and adapted information to each user.


What is the importance of Cookies?

Cookies allow us to speed up user browsing on our website, offering a memory system that remembers the language, currency and other user preferences. Secondly, they are also used to enhance the evolution of the website, to achieve a better, more useful and appealing site for the user. Cookies are also used to establish levels of security and protection for the user and the website itself against cyberattacks. Finally, Cookies are used to show advertising of interest to each user while browsing the internet.


What Cookies does Leandra use?

Cookies are installed when the website is opened and when it is closed they are automatically deleted from your computer, that is, they are only active during your browsing of the specific website. There are also permanent Cookies, which are deleted manually or once their purpose has been met; they are used, for example, to avoid having to enter your password every time you visit a website you are registered on.


In addition, on our website you will find two different types of Cookies, proprietary cookies and third-party Cookies. The ones we use are proprietary Cookies, which are used to improve our website and interact with users. Third-party Cookies are those related to, for example, the social media links you can find on our website. We do not have access to the information collected by these Cookies, which are managed entirely by third parties.


While browsing, you can find the following types of cookies:






They appear when a new user is registered or logged in with an existing account.

•   Keep the user logged in even if the browser or computer is closed.

•   Allow access to areas specifically for users.


They accumulate anonymous statistical information on the user browsing experience on our website.

•   This information helps us to improve the user experience and to provide a better service.

•   Recognise new or repeat users.

•   Know the most viewed content and count the number of visits.


They collect information related to Leandra's ads on other websites.

•   Allows advertising content to be adapted to the device used by the user.

•   Remarketing.

•   AdWords.



On the Leandra website, there are connectors to social networks which use logs and a permanent Cookie so that you don't have to login every time you connect. By using the social login, you authorise the use of the permanent Cookie, which can be deleted and the permissions revoked in the social network settings.


How are cookies configured?

When you enter and continue browsing on, you are accepting the use of Cookies and our Cookies policy. Our Cookies policy is offered at the time of registration because we want our users to be 100% informed and we have no problem in exercising their right to block or delete the use of Cookies at any time.


Most browsers allow Cookies to be blocked and our website is perfectly functional without them, however, there are some functions of our website that can be limited without the use of Cookies and user satisfaction may be limited.


Below is a list of links to the main browsers so that you can see all the information on how to manage cookies:


Internet Explorer™:

Version 5

Version 6

Version 7 and 8

Version 9













Windows Phone:

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