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Letter Cabo pendantLetter Cabo pendant
Letter Cabo pendant Sale price3.290€
Skyline necklaceSkyline necklace
Skyline necklace Sale price8.800€
Wing chokerWing choker
Wing choker Sale price4.550€
Sky pendantSky pendant
Sky pendant Sale price1.970€
Cabo rombo pendantCabo rombo pendant
Cabo rombo pendant Sale price4.180€
Sky pendantSky pendant
Sky pendant Sale price1.720€
Rose necklaceRose necklace
Rose necklace
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Rey necklaceRey necklace
Rey necklace Sale price18.250€
Cabo dragon pendantCabo dragon pendant
Cabo dragon pendant Sale price2.230€
9 diamonds Cabo necklace9 diamonds Cabo necklace
9 diamonds Cabo necklace Sale price4.750€
Alegra pendant necklaceAlegra pendant necklace
Alegra pendant necklace Sale price2.540€
Eye choker & braceletEye choker & bracelet
Eye choker & bracelet Sale price1.310€
Taper pendantTaper pendant
Taper pendant Sale price1.910€
Taper-3 necklaceTaper-3 necklace
Taper-3 necklace Sale price4.620€
Taper-5 necklaceTaper-5 necklace
Taper-5 necklace Sale price6.590€
Sun pendantSun pendant
Sun pendant Sale price1.580€
Pendant with 0.04ct. diamondPendant with 0.04ct. diamond
Baroque pearl claspBaroque pearl clasp
Baroque pearl clasp Sale price2.800€
Eyes chokerEyes choker
Eyes choker Sale price9.600€
Crown necklaceCrown necklace
Crown necklace
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Wings chokerWings choker
Wings choker Sale price12.070€
Laser multi-diamond pendantLaser multi-diamond pendant
Laser multi-diamond pendant Sale price7.670€
Bars Cabo chain necklaceBars Cabo chain necklace
Bars Cabo chain necklace Sale price4.710€
Laser fall diamond pendantLaser fall diamond pendant
Laser fall diamond pendant Sale price1.500€
Bies pendant whiteBies pendant white
Bies pendant white Sale price1.490€
Baroque pearls necklaceBaroque pearls necklace
Baroque pearls necklace Sale price2.790€
Bies pendant yellow goldBies pendant yellow gold
Bies pendant yellow gold Sale price1.550€
9 diamonds necklace9 diamonds necklace
9 diamonds necklace Sale price19.000€
Little Flora pendantLittle Flora pendant
Little Flora pendant Sale price2.600€
Letter Midnight pendantLetter Midnight pendant
Letter Midnight pendant Sale price3.140€
Star necklaceStar necklace
Star necklace
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Gold seeds necklaceGold seeds necklace
Gold seeds necklace Sale price9.570€
Cabo dragon pendant SCabo dragon pendant S
Cabo dragon pendant S Sale price940€
Balls necklace 50cm
Balls necklace 50cm Sale price6.470€
Cabo pendant necklace SCabo pendant necklace S
Cabo pendant necklace S Sale price950€
Midnight rivière necklaceMidnight rivière necklace
Tapers and balls necklaceTapers and balls necklace
Tapers and balls necklace Sale price17.470€
Cabo riviere necklaceCabo riviere necklace
Cabo riviere necklace
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Cabo dragon pendant XLCabo dragon pendant XL
Cabo dragon pendant XL Sale price3.030€
Emerald clasp 2.92ct
Emerald clasp 2.92ct
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Laser eternal 0.07ct. pendantLaser eternal 0.07ct. pendant
Laser triple diamond pendantLaser triple diamond pendant
Laser triple diamond pendant Sale price1.380€
Laser diamond pendant 0.15ct.Laser diamond pendant 0.15ct.
9 diamonds necklace 1.07ct.
9 diamonds necklace 1.07ct. Sale price4.300€
Single Bies pendantSingle Bies pendant
Single Bies pendant Sale price830€
Laser diamond pendant 0.07ct.Laser diamond pendant 0.07ct.
Triple Bies pendantTriple Bies pendant
Triple Bies pendant Sale price940€
Duo pearls necklaceDuo pearls necklace
Duo pearls necklace Sale price880€