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Gold & Gold

A selection of pieces made with 18K solid gold, worked in different techniques and mixed with different materials, giving the jewels a unique twist that complements your everyday life.

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Mini letter Gold & Gold pendantMini letter Gold & Gold pendant
Spiral ring with diamondsSpiral ring with diamonds
Spiral ring with diamonds Sale price2.440€
Letter claspLetter clasp
Letter clasp Sale price2.120€
Spiral ringSpiral ring
Spiral ring Sale price2.340€
Little balls chain necklace
Little balls chain necklace Sale price6.030€
Spiral bracelet with diamondsSpiral bracelet with diamonds
Spiral bracelet with diamonds Sale price6.800€
Bubble ring S black rhodiumBubble ring S black rhodium
Bubble ring S black rhodium Sale price1.970€
Bubble ring XSBubble ring XS
Bubble ring XS Sale price650€
Bubble ring MBubble ring M
Bubble ring M Sale price2.470€
Spiral pinky ringSpiral pinky ring
Spiral pinky ring Sale price1.700€
Gold seeds necklaceGold seeds necklace
Gold seeds necklace Sale price9.570€
Balls bracelet with diamonds
Balls bracelet with diamonds Sale price3.210€
Multiracimo earrings
Multiracimo earrings Sale price3.020€
Balls and chain long necklace 100cmBalls and chain long necklace 100cm
Bubble ring M black rhodium
Bubble ring M black rhodium Sale price2.470€
Pine earrings
Pine earrings Sale price7.130€
Bubble ring SBubble ring S
Bubble ring S Sale price1.970€
3 balls hook earrings
3 balls hook earrings Sale price1.470€
Gold seeds earrings
Gold seeds earrings Sale price1.780€
2 balls hook earrings
2 balls hook earrings Sale price920€
Racimo earrings 4 balls
Racimo earrings 4 balls Sale price1.410€
Balls bracelet
Balls bracelet Sale price1.520€
Racimo earrings with diamonds
Racimo earrings with diamonds Sale price1.510€
Long earrings 6 balls
Long earrings 6 balls Sale price1.620€
Racimo 5 balls earrings
Racimo 5 balls earrings Sale price1.680€
Long earrings 9 balls
Long earrings 9 balls Sale price1.990€
Balls and chain necklace 40cm
Balls and chain necklace 40cm Sale price1.680€
Solid balls braceletSolid balls bracelet
Solid balls bracelet Sale price2.260€
Duo balls necklaceDuo balls necklace
Duo balls necklace Sale price4.180€
Multi balls necklace
Multi balls necklace Sale price5.240€
Balls necklace 50cm
Balls necklace 50cm Sale price6.470€
Racimo earrings with diamonds 0.80ct.
Bars Cabo chain necklaceBars Cabo chain necklace
Bars Cabo chain necklace Sale price4.710€
Mini letter claspMini letter clasp
Mini letter clasp Sale price1.370€
Letter Gold & Gold pendantLetter Gold & Gold pendant
Letter Gold & Gold pendant Sale price2.900€
Bubble ring XSBubble ring XS
Bubble ring XS Sale price650€
Leo medal claspLeo medal clasp
Leo medal clasp Sale price1.140€
Balls necklace 60 cm
Balls necklace 60 cm Sale price7.580€
Enameled ring yellowEnameled ring yellow
Enameled ring yellow Sale price750€
Enameled ring whiteEnameled ring white
Enameled ring white Sale price830€
Enameled ring greenEnameled ring green
Enameled ring green Sale price830€
Enameled ring wineEnameled ring wine
Enameled ring wine Sale price830€
Enameled ring turquoiseEnameled ring turquoise
Enameled ring turquoise Sale price830€
Enameled ring pinkEnameled ring pink
Enameled ring pink Sale price830€
Enameled ring blackEnameled ring black
Enameled ring black Sale price830€
Midnight seeds earrings
Midnight seeds earrings Sale price3.260€