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Pearls Collection

Inspired by the full moon, an icon of elegance and a well-known symbol of power and femininity, this collection wants women to connect with their ‘inner pearls’ and embrace the strength of female energy.

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Midnight & Pearls hoop earringsMidnight & Pearls hoop earrings
Pearls & Cabo long earringsPearls & Cabo long earrings
Pearls & Cabo long earrings Sale price3.190€
Baroque pearls necklaceBaroque pearls necklace
Baroque pearls necklace Sale price2.790€
Pearls & Midnight long earringsPearls & Midnight long earrings
Baroque pearl claspBaroque pearl clasp
Baroque pearl clasp Sale price2.800€
Baroque pearls braceletBaroque pearls bracelet
Baroque pearls bracelet Sale price1.460€
Pearls and chain long earringsPearls and chain long earrings
Pearls and chain long earrings Sale price4.510€
Pearl and diamond pendant necklacePearl and diamond pendant necklace
Duo pearls necklaceDuo pearls necklace
Duo pearls necklace Sale price880€
Moon pearls earrings S
Moon pearls earrings S Sale price930€
Moon pearls necklaceMoon pearls necklace
Moon pearls necklace Sale price900€
Long earrings 3 balls with pearl
Pearl and ball pendant necklacePearl and ball pendant necklace
Long earrings 6 balls with pearl
Pearls hoop earrings
Pearls hoop earrings Sale price1.510€
Pearls and balls hoop earrings
Pearls and balls hoop earrings Sale price1.890€
Pearls and diamonds earrings
Pearls and diamonds earrings Sale price3.910€
Pearls and chain necklacePearls and chain necklace
Pearls and chain necklace Sale price2.180€
Pearls and diamonds hoop earrings
Flower pearl earrings
Flower pearl earrings Sale price4.110€
Pearls and balls earrings
Pearls and balls earrings Sale price2.220€
Baroque pearl ringBaroque pearl ring
Baroque pearl ring Sale price1.970€