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Care & Maintenance Guide

Leandra Care & Maintenance Guide

At Leandra, we care about ensuring the longevity of our jewels. We have prepared these few recommendations to help them last you a lifetime, even leave a legacy.

How Leandra does it

1. Wear your jewels as much as you can: let them be your everyday uniform.

2. Avoid exposing your jewellery to perfume, hair products and cosmetics.

3. Store the pieces separately in your Leandra velvet case to avoid scratching.

How Leandra takes care

1. Gold: polish the gold pieces with a dry and clean polishing cloth.

2. Diamonds: use a soft bristle brush and warm soapy water, followed by a rinse in warm water and dried with a soft cloth. We recommend having the settings checked by a professional annually.

3. Pearls: to be cleaned with a soft cloth only. Pearls are natural and sensitive to chemicals found in soap and beauty products.

Repairs & Maintenance

The maintenance, repairs, cleaning and rethreading of Leandra jewels are covered with the lifetime warranty and are performed by our team of jewellers with the care and detail they deserve. Please contact us at

We provide professional cleaning and maintenance throughout the life of all Leandra jewels.

Contact us for more details at

Lifetime Warranty

We offer you a lifetime warranty on all Leandra jewels, which includes covering any repair or replacement of defects or damages due to the production of the product.

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