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Engagement Collection


Rings that are a symbol of trust, love and eternity, each one with its own design and character. Let Leandra accompany you in this unique moment in life.

Cabo pears ringCabo pears ring
Cabo pears ring Sale price5.990€
Charlotte engagement ringCharlotte engagement ring
Pear solitaire ringPear solitaire ring
Pear solitaire ring
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Cabo engagement ringCabo engagement ring
Cabo engagement ring
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Hug solitaire ringHug solitaire ring
Hug solitaire ring
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Oval engagement ringOval engagement ring
Oval engagement ring
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Cristina engagement ringCristina engagement ring
Nica engagement ring whiteNica engagement ring white
Marta engagement ring
Marta engagement ring
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Triology Cabo ringTriology Cabo ring
Triology Cabo ring Sale price5.590€
Mia cushion solitaire ring
Mia cushion solitaire ring Sale price10.950€
Cabo Anitta ring
Cabo Anitta ring
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Anitta engagement ring yellowAnitta engagement ring yellow
Anitta engagement ring whiteAnitta engagement ring white
Anitta engagement ring blackAnitta engagement ring black
Cabo solitaire ring 1.90ct.Cabo solitaire ring 1.90ct.
Double Cabo Anitta ringDouble Cabo Anitta ring
Marquise Cabo ringMarquise Cabo ring
Marquise Cabo ring
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Cabo diamond solitaire ringCabo diamond solitaire ring
Cabo diamond solitaire ring Sale price15.730€
Cabo pear solitaire ringCabo pear solitaire ring
Cabo pear solitaire ring Sale price15.670€
Cabo cushion solitaire ringCabo cushion solitaire ring
Cabo cushion solitaire ring Sale price23.820€
Black rhodium ring with 1.01 ct. diamondMidnight solitaire ring yellow
Midnight solitaire ring yellow Sale price4.950€
Midnight solitaire ring blackMidnight solitaire ring black
Midnight solitaire ring black Sale price7.840€
Ring with central diamondMidnight solitaire ring white
Midnight solitaire ring white Sale price18.280€
Cabo solitaire ringCabo solitaire ring
Cabo solitaire ring
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Black rhodium ring with oval diamondMidnight solitaire ring oval
Princesa engagement ringPrincesa engagement ring
Star engagement ring
Star engagement ring
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Cushion Cabo ringCushion Cabo ring
Cushion Cabo ring Sale price13.420€
Anitta engagement ring pinkAnitta engagement ring pink
Leandra ringLeandra ring
Leandra ring
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Caramel fancy ringCaramel fancy ring
Caramel fancy ring
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Cabo Anitta duo ringCabo Anitta duo ring
Cabo Anitta duo ring
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Radiant ringRadiant ring
Radiant ring Sale price8.400€
Ballerina ringBallerina ring
Ballerina ring
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Nica engagement ring black
Cabo noria ringCabo noria ring
Cabo noria ring Sale price1.250€
Yellow Gold engagement ring
Yellow Gold engagement ring Sale price1.760€
White Gold engagement ring
White Gold engagement ring Sale price1.760€
Pink Gold engagement ring
Pink Gold engagement ring Sale price1.760€
Serena solitaire ringSerena solitaire ring
Serena solitaire ring Sale price4.530€
Bies ringBies ring
Bies ring Sale price6.200€
Pear solitaire ring SPear solitaire ring S
Pear solitaire ring S Sale price3.200€
Hug solitaire ring SHug solitaire ring S
Hug solitaire ring S Sale price3.525€