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The discrete and semi-nude Floating jewels are constructed with an invisible setting technique where the gems seem to float on the jewel setting: a subtle and understated collection.

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Rose laser braceletRose laser bracelet
Rose laser bracelet Sale price4.810€
Snow earringsSnow earrings
Snow earrings Sale price14.340€
Floating rose earringsFloating rose earrings
Floating rose earrings Sale price3.940€
Rose laser chain earringsRose laser chain earrings
Rose laser chain earrings Sale price7.020€
Rose necklaceRose necklace
Rose necklace
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Rose laser chain long earringsRose laser chain long earrings
Rose laser chain long earrings Sale price8.970€
Laser fall diamond pendantLaser fall diamond pendant
Laser fall diamond pendant Sale price1.500€
River long earringRiver long earring
River long earring Sale price11.340€
Laser multi-diamond pendantLaser multi-diamond pendant
Laser multi-diamond pendant Sale price7.670€
Laser eternal 0.15ct. pendantLaser eternal 0.15ct. pendant
Laser diamond pendant 0.07ct.Laser diamond pendant 0.07ct.
Laser quintuple diamond pendantLaser quintuple diamond pendant
Laser eternal 0.07ct. pendantLaser eternal 0.07ct. pendant
Laser diamond pendant 0.15ct.Laser diamond pendant 0.15ct.
Laser earrings 0.14ct.Laser earrings 0.14ct.
Laser earrings 0.14ct. Sale price890€
Ruby and diamonds hoop earrings
Sapphire and diamonds hoop earrings
Emerald and diamond hoop earrings
Laser eternal 0.23ct. pendantLaser eternal 0.23ct. pendant
Laser eternal 0.23ct. pendant Sale price1.290€
Cascade brown diamonds earringsCascade brown diamonds earrings
Cascade brown diamonds earrings Sale price12.810€
Laser diamond pendant 0.25ct.Laser diamond pendant 0.25ct.
Laser diamond pendant 0.25ct. Sale price1.120€
Chain and laser grey earrings
Chain and laser grey earrings Sale price1.500€
Laser diamond pendant 0.25ct. rhodiumLaser diamond pendant 0.25ct. rhodium
Cascade grey diamonds earringsCascade grey diamonds earrings
Cascade grey diamonds earrings Sale price10.420€
Black duo earring
Black duo earring Sale price1.000€
Pink duo earring
Pink duo earring Sale price1.180€
Brown duo earring
Brown duo earring Sale price1.150€
Sapphire and laser pendantSapphire and laser pendant
Sapphire and laser pendant Sale price1.340€
Laser diamond hoop earringLaser diamond hoop earring
Laser diamond hoop earring Sale price2.900€
Emerald and laser pendantEmerald and laser pendant
Emerald and laser pendant Sale price1.370€
Pendant laser pearPendant laser pear
Pendant laser pear Sale price1.230€
Laser 5 diamonds pendantLaser 5 diamonds pendant
Laser 5 diamonds pendant Sale price1.130€
Laser triple diamond pendantLaser triple diamond pendant
Laser triple diamond pendant Sale price1.380€
Laser double-chain diamond pendantLaser double-chain diamond pendant
Laser chain earrings
Laser chain earrings Sale price1.530€
Laser diamond pendant 0.32ct.
Laser diamond pendant 0.32ct. Sale price1.510€
Laser double diamond 0.45ctLaser double diamond 0.45ct
Laser double diamond 0.45ct Sale price1.660€
Chain and laser grey earrings
Chain and laser grey earrings Sale price1.500€
Laser diamond pendant 0.40ct.Laser diamond pendant 0.40ct.
Laser diamond pendant 0.40ct. Sale price1.870€
Laser chain earrings 0.60ct.
Laser chain earrings 0.60ct. Sale price2.120€
Laser 2 diamonds 0.45ct.Laser 2 diamonds 0.45ct.
Laser 2 diamonds 0.45ct. Sale price1.710€
Laser pear earringsLaser pear earrings
Laser pear earrings Sale price1.740€
Pendant laser 5 diamonds 0.75ct.Pendant laser 5 diamonds 0.75ct.
Laser diamonds pendantLaser diamonds pendant
Laser diamonds pendant Sale price1.940€
Pendant laser 5 pear diamondsPendant laser 5 pear diamonds
Pendant laser 5 pear diamonds Sale price2.040€
Laser diamond net necklaceLaser diamond net necklace
Laser diamond net necklace Sale price2.170€
Pauline earrings
Pauline earrings Sale price2.440€
Laser diamond net necklace pinkLaser diamond net necklace pink