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This is a collection that searches for a natural finish inspired by an antique jewellery technique that mixes rusty gold with diamonds.

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Cabo & Midnight earrings
Cabo & Midnight earrings Sale price2.370€
Gota claspGota clasp
Gota clasp Sale price2.640€
Serena solitaire ringSerena solitaire ring
Serena solitaire ring Sale price4.530€
Cabo & Midnight open ring SCabo & Midnight open ring S
Cabo & Midnight open ring S Sale price980€
Little balls chain necklace with diamondsLittle balls chain necklace with diamonds
Midnight hoop earrings S
Midnight hoop earrings S Sale price3.070€
Midnight hoop earrings M
Midnight hoop earrings M Sale price4.610€
Sun Midnight pendant black SSun Midnight pendant black S
Sun Midnight pendant black S Sale price2.170€
Midnight seeds pendantMidnight seeds pendant
Midnight seeds pendant Sale price1.940€
Long seeds earringsLong seeds earrings
Long seeds earrings Sale price3.800€
Flower seeds earringsFlower seeds earrings
Flower seeds earrings Sale price2.150€
Pear solitaire ring SPear solitaire ring S
Pear solitaire ring S Sale price3.200€