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This is a collection that searches for a natural finish inspired by an antique jewellery technique that mixes rusty gold with diamonds.

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Double taper hook earrings
Double taper hook earrings Sale price2.490€
0.50ct. sleeper earrings
0.50ct. sleeper earrings Sale price2.350€
Midnight pendant 0.32ct.Midnight pendant 0.32ct.
Midnight pendant 0.32ct. Sale price2.370€
Cabo & Midnight open ring LCabo & Midnight open ring L
Cabo & Midnight open ring L Sale price2.660€
Balls bracelet with diamonds
Balls bracelet with diamonds Sale price3.210€
Midnight climber earrings yellow (5)
Alegra pendant necklaceAlegra pendant necklace
Alegra pendant necklace Sale price2.540€
Hoop earrings 3 diamonds
Hoop earrings 3 diamonds Sale price2.770€
Midnight climber earrings (5)Midnight climber earrings (5)
Midnight climber earrings (5) Sale price2.890€
Earrings 3 diamonds with balls
Earrings 3 diamonds with balls Sale price2.720€
Taper earrings
Taper trio earrings Sale price4.850€
Taper earrings with black rhodium and gold hoop
Taper hoop earrings Sale price1.900€
Taper and ball earrings
Taper and ball earrings Sale price3.560€
Multiracimo earrings
Multiracimo earrings Sale price3.020€
Moni Midnight earrings
Moni Midnight earrings Sale price2.970€
0.25ct. hoop earrings
0.25ct. hoop earrings Sale price2.950€
Long earrings with 0.97 ct. diamonds
Cabo twist Midnight ringCabo twist Midnight ring
Cabo twist Midnight ring Sale price4.470€
9 diamonds necklace 1.07ct.
9 diamonds necklace 1.07ct. Sale price4.300€
Long earrings with 0.67ct. diamonds
Long earrings with 1.26 ct. diamonds.
Racimo earrings with diamonds 0.80ct.
0.32ct. hoop earrings
0.32ct. hoop earrings Sale price4.480€
Clasp 0.50ct.
Clasp 0.50ct. Sale price4.720€
Cabo twist Midnight ringCabo twist Midnight ring
Cabo twist Midnight ring Sale price5.710€
Taper-5 necklaceTaper-5 necklace
Taper-5 necklace Sale price6.590€
Taper long earrings
Taper long earrings Sale price6.940€
0.90ct. sleeper earrings
0.90ct. sleeper earrings Sale price6.520€
0.45ct. hoop earrings
0.45ct. hoop earrings Sale price6.820€
Noche long earrings 2.23ct.
Noche long earrings 2.23ct. Sale price7.480€
0.92 ct. diamond earring
Solitaire pendant 0.58ct.
Solitaire pendant 0.58ct. Sale price7.280€
Balls and diamonds earrings
Balls and diamonds earrings Sale price7.260€
Black rhodium ring with 1.01 ct. diamondMidnight solitaire ring yellow
Midnight solitaire ring yellow Sale price4.950€
Ring with central diamondMidnight solitaire ring white
Midnight solitaire ring white Sale price18.280€
Midnight solitaire ring blackMidnight solitaire ring black
Midnight solitaire ring black Sale price7.840€
Clasp 0.70ct.
Clasp 0.70ct. Sale price7.290€
Emerald & Midnight earringsEmerald & Midnight earrings
Emerald & Midnight earrings Sale price6.980€
Black rhodium triple ringTriple diamond ring
Triple diamond ring Sale price8.280€
Half moon earrings
Half moon earrings Sale price9.740€
Trilliant earrings
Trilliant earrings Sale price14.250€
Hoop earrings with motif
Hoop trapezoid earrings Sale price5.220€
Long earrings with 1.21 ct. diamonds
Clasp 0.90ct.
Clasp 0.90ct. Sale price11.510€
Solitaire pendant 0.90ct.
Solitaire pendant 0.90ct. Sale price13.510€
Midnight open ring LMidnight open ring L
Midnight open ring L Sale price15.080€
3.68 ct. long earrings
Clasp 1.01ct.
Clasp 1.01ct. Sale price15.780€