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Cabo Collection

An ode to gold at its best: all Cabo pieces are made from smooth 18K gold combined with diamonds. Inspired by ancient Egyptian jewellery and their conception of gold as a divine metal.

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Cabo Anitta duo ringCabo Anitta duo ring
Cabo Anitta duo ring
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Cabo solitaire ring 1.90ct.Cabo solitaire ring 1.90ct.
Cabo rivière braceletCabo rivière bracelet
Cabo rivière bracelet Sale price8.910€
Cushion Cabo ringCushion Cabo ring
Cushion Cabo ring Sale price13.420€
Cabo & Midnight open ring LCabo & Midnight open ring L
Cabo & Midnight open ring L Sale price2.660€
Cabo & Midnight open ring SCabo & Midnight open ring S
Cabo & Midnight open ring S Sale price980€
Cabo 2x10mm 2x20mm earringsCabo 2x10mm 2x20mm earrings
Cabo 2x10mm 2x20mm earrings Sale price1.810€
Cabo stud earrings 0.32ct.
Cabo stud earrings 0.32ct. Sale price1.470€
Cabo multi hoop earringsCabo multi hoop earrings
Cabo multi hoop earrings Sale price3.090€
Cabo 3D earringsCabo 3D earrings
Cabo 3D earrings Sale price2.160€
Cabo 3D ringCabo 3D ring
Cabo 3D ring Sale price2.440€
Cabo bracelet 3DCabo bracelet 3D
Cabo bracelet 3D Sale price6.440€
Cabo 20 hook earrings
Cabo 20 hook earrings Sale price5.440€
Cabo riviere necklaceCabo riviere necklace
Cabo riviere necklace
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Cabo solitaire pinky ringCabo solitaire pinky ring
Cabo solitaire pinky ring Sale price3.940€
Cabo cushion open ringCabo cushion open ring
Cabo cushion open ring Sale price4.880€
Moni earrings
Moni earrings Sale price4.230€
Cabo trapeze ringCabo trapeze ring
Cabo trapeze ring Sale price3.850€
Cabo ring XS with diamondCabo ring XS with diamond
Cabo ring XS with diamond Sale price550€
Double Cabo Anitta ringDouble Cabo Anitta ring
Cabo & emeralds braceletCabo & emeralds bracelet
Cabo & emeralds bracelet Sale price13.180€
Cabo twist emerald pinky ringCabo twist emerald pinky ring
Cabo twist emerald pinky ring Sale price2.290€
Cabo 3 diamonds earrings
Cabo 3 diamonds earrings Sale price2.960€
Cabo bracelet S
Cabo bracelet S Sale price970€
Cabo hoop earrings MCabo hoop earrings M
Cabo hoop earrings M Sale price1.800€
Cabo twist XL ringCabo twist XL ring
Cabo twist XL ring Sale price4.320€
Cabo oval hoop diamond earrings M
Cabo loops choker necklaceCabo loops choker necklace
Cabo loops choker necklace Sale price5.280€
Cabo double tube braceletCabo double tube bracelet
Cabo double tube bracelet Sale price5.990€
Cabo loops braceletCabo loops bracelet
Cabo loops bracelet Sale price2.910€
Cabo pendant necklace MCabo pendant necklace M
Cabo pendant necklace M Sale price1.890€
Cabo 3 diamonds open ringCabo 3 diamonds open ring
Cabo 3 diamonds open ring Sale price1.650€
Cabo twist emerald cut diamond ringCabo twist emerald cut diamond ring
Cabo braid princess ringCabo braid princess ring
Cabo braid princess ring Sale price4.570€
Cabo diamond hoop earrings S
Cabo diamond hoop earrings S Sale price1.940€
Cabo tube braceletCabo tube bracelet
Cabo tube bracelet Sale price4.070€
Cabo loops necklaceCabo loops necklace
Cabo loops necklace Sale price6.970€
Cabo triple tube braceletCabo triple tube bracelet
Cabo triple tube bracelet Sale price7.630€
Cabo loops beltCabo loops belt
Cabo loops belt Sale price14.360€
Cabo earrings 4 diamonds
Cabo earrings 4 diamonds Sale price3.500€
Cabo tube earrings
Cabo tube earrings Sale price2.040€
Cabo ring LCabo ring L
Cabo ring L Sale price1.190€
Cabo cushion solitaire ringCabo cushion solitaire ring
Cabo cushion solitaire ring Sale price23.820€
Cabo 1.00ct. open ringCabo 1.00ct. open ring
Cabo 1.00ct. open ring Sale price15.320€
Cabo pear solitaire ringCabo pear solitaire ring
Cabo pear solitaire ring Sale price15.670€
Cabo pendant necklace SCabo pendant necklace S
Cabo pendant necklace S Sale price950€
Cabo oval hoop earrings MCabo oval hoop earrings M
Cabo oval hoop earrings M Sale price1.830€
Cabo 5x20mm earringsCabo 5x20mm earrings
Cabo 5x20mm earrings Sale price4.690€