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Cabo Collection

An ode to gold at its best: all Cabo pieces are made from smooth 18K gold combined with diamonds. Inspired by ancient Egyptian jewellery and their conception of gold as a divine metal.

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Cabo solitaire ringCabo solitaire ring
Cabo solitaire ring
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Cabo ring SCabo ring S
Cabo ring S Sale price500€
Cabo tube necklaceCabo tube necklace
Cabo tube necklace Sale price10.480€
Cabo dragon ring black rhodiumCabo dragon ring black rhodium
Cabo dragon ring black rhodium Sale price3.710€
Cabo flex XL braceletCabo flex XL bracelet
Cabo flex XL bracelet Sale price6.050€
Cabo dragon duo earrings
Cabo dragon duo earrings Sale price1.970€
Cabo dragon long earrings
Cabo dragon long earrings Sale price2.740€
Cabo dragon omega earringsCabo dragon omega earrings
Cabo dragon omega earrings Sale price4.400€
Citrine Cabo cufflinksCitrine Cabo cufflinks
Citrine Cabo cufflinks Sale price1.850€
White agate cufflinksWhite agate cufflinks
White agate cufflinks Sale price1.850€
Tiger eye cufflinksTiger eye cufflinks
Tiger eye cufflinks Sale price1.850€
Caramel fancy ringCaramel fancy ring
Caramel fancy ring
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Cabo pavé ringCabo pavé ring
Cabo pavé ring Sale price3.130€
Yellow cushion ringYellow cushion ring
Yellow cushion ring Sale price9.180€
Cabo dragon pendant SCabo dragon pendant S
Cabo dragon pendant S Sale price940€
Multi open Cabo ring with black rhodiumMulti open Cabo ring with black rhodium
Cabo dragon marquise earrings
Cabo dragon marquise earrings Sale price2.030€
Cabo dragon pendant long chain
Cabo dragon pendant long chain Sale price3.350€
Cabo noria earrings S
Cabo noria earrings S Sale price1.740€
Cabo twist Midnight ringCabo twist Midnight ring
Cabo twist Midnight ring Sale price4.470€
Constellation earrings
Constellation earrings Sale price1.090€
Ballerina ringBallerina ring
Ballerina ring
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Mia cushion solitaire ring
Mia cushion solitaire ring Sale price10.950€
Triology Cabo ringTriology Cabo ring
Triology Cabo ring Sale price5.590€
Lapis lazuli cufflinksLapis lazuli cufflinks
Lapis lazuli cufflinks Sale price1.850€
Cabo dragon hook earrings
Cabo dragon hook earrings Sale price4.080€
Cabo tube and chain necklace
Cabo tube and chain necklace Sale price2.220€
Cabo dragon earrings
Cabo dragon earrings Sale price2.730€
dP Cabo earrings
dP Cabo earrings Sale price1.170€
Cabo marquise open ringCabo marquise open ring
Cabo marquise open ring Sale price1.250€
Cabo & diamonds ringCabo & diamonds ring
Cabo & diamonds ring Sale price3.900€
Leo braceletLeo bracelet
Leo bracelet Sale price2.310€
Cabo sun earringsCabo sun earrings
Cabo sun earrings Sale price3.620€
Valentina earrings
Valentina earrings Sale price4.270€
Cabo rombo ringCabo rombo ring
Cabo rombo ring Sale price7.710€
Tricolor ring STricolor ring S
Tricolor ring S Sale price1.510€
Cabo open ring fancy diamondCabo open ring fancy diamond
Cabo open ring fancy diamond Sale price1.760€
Cabo sapphire open ringCabo sapphire open ring
Cabo sapphire open ring Sale price750€
Cabo open ring with diamond & emeraldsCabo open ring with diamond & emeralds
Open Cabo ring diamond & emeraldOpen Cabo ring diamond & emerald
Cabo & Bies ringCabo & Bies ring
Cabo & Bies ring Sale price1.640€
Cabo twist Midnight ringCabo twist Midnight ring
Cabo twist Midnight ring Sale price5.710€
Bars Cabo necklace with diamondsBars Cabo necklace with diamonds
Cabo twist line ringCabo twist line ring
Cabo twist line ring Sale price2.830€
Tricolor ring MTricolor ring M
Tricolor ring M Sale price2.160€
Cabo bow earringsCabo bow earrings
Cabo bow earrings Sale price1.670€
Rigid Cabo earringsRigid Cabo earrings
Rigid Cabo earrings Sale price3.460€
Cabo & Midnight open ring M
Cabo & Midnight open ring M Sale price1.650€