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Ball Velvet Necklace
Ball Velvet Necklace Sale price31.000€
Cabo climber earrings (4)Cabo climber earrings (4)
Cabo climber earrings (4) Sale price1.800€
Cabo bracelet (5)Cabo bracelet (5)
Cabo bracelet (5) Sale price2.070€
Black flower clasp
Black flower clasp Sale price2.010€
Black flower pendantBlack flower pendant
Black flower pendant Sale price2.430€
Sun Midnight pendant black SSun Midnight pendant black S
Sun Midnight pendant black S Sale price2.170€
Midnight hoop earrings M
Midnight hoop earrings M Sale price4.610€
Midnight hoop earrings SMidnight hoop earrings S
Midnight hoop earrings S Sale price3.070€
Mini letter Gold & Gold pendantMini letter Gold & Gold pendant
Letter Gold & Gold pendantLetter Gold & Gold pendant
Letter Gold & Gold pendant Sale price2.900€
Letter claspLetter clasp
Letter clasp Sale price2.120€
Mini letter claspMini letter clasp
Mini letter clasp Sale price1.370€
Hug solitaire ringHug solitaire ring
Hug solitaire ring
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Cabo noria bracelet LCabo noria bracelet L
Cabo noria bracelet L Sale price1.460€
Cabo noria bracelet SCabo noria bracelet S
Cabo noria bracelet S Sale price990€
Cabo diamonds necklace (7)Cabo diamonds necklace (7)
Cabo diamonds necklace (7) Sale price3.890€
Cabo diamonds necklace (5)Cabo diamonds necklace (5)
Cabo diamonds necklace (5) Sale price2.140€
Cabo Anitta diamonds ringCabo Anitta diamonds ring
Cabo Anitta diamonds ring Sale price1.850€
Cabo Anitta brown diamonds ringCabo Anitta brown diamonds ring
Cabo Anitta sapphire ringCabo Anitta sapphire ring
Cabo Anitta sapphire ring Sale price1.380€
Cabo Anitta emerald ringCabo Anitta emerald ring
Cabo Anitta emerald ring Sale price1.470€
Spiral ring with diamondsSpiral ring with diamonds
Spiral ring with diamonds Sale price2.440€
Spiral bracelet with diamondsSpiral bracelet with diamonds
Spiral bracelet with diamonds Sale price6.800€
Little balls chain necklace
Little balls chain necklace Sale price6.030€
Charlotte engagement ringCharlotte engagement ring
Bubble ring XSBubble ring XS
Bubble ring XS Sale price650€
Cabo climber earrings (7)
Cabo climber earrings (7) Sale price2.020€
Cabo climber earrings (5)
Cabo climber earrings (5) Sale price1.860€
Serena solitaire ringSerena solitaire ring
Serena solitaire ring Sale price4.530€
Pear solitaire ringPear solitaire ring
Pear solitaire ring
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Leo medal claspLeo medal clasp
Leo medal clasp Sale price1.140€
Gota claspGota clasp
Gota clasp Sale price2.640€
Gotas long earringsGotas long earrings
Gotas long earrings Sale price9.650€
Gota earringsGota earrings
Gota earrings Sale price4.890€
Midnight & Pearls hoop earringsMidnight & Pearls hoop earrings
Cabo & Midnight long earringsCabo & Midnight long earrings
Cabo & Midnight long earrings Sale price10.690€
Cabo & Midnight bridge earrings
Mica Cabo earringsMica Cabo earrings
Mica Cabo earrings Sale price6.370€
Spiral ringSpiral ring
Spiral ring Sale price2.340€
Bubble ring SBubble ring S
Bubble ring S Sale price1.970€
Bubble ring M black rhodium
Bubble ring M black rhodium Sale price2.470€
Briolette earringsBriolette earrings
Briolette earrings Sale price12.460€
Kristy earringKristy earring
Kristy earring Sale price12.260€
Rey necklaceRey necklace
Rey necklace Sale price18.250€
Letter Midnight pendantLetter Midnight pendant
Letter Midnight pendant Sale price3.140€
Sky necklaceSky necklace
Sky necklace Sale price4.380€
Pearls & Cabo long earringsPearls & Cabo long earrings
Pearls & Cabo long earrings Sale price3.190€