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Gems Collection

Bringing colour to a selection of pieces with a touch of emerald and other gemstones.

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Briolette earringsBriolette earrings
Briolette earrings Sale price12.460€
Emerald clasp 2.92ct
Emerald clasp 2.92ct
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Emerald hoop earrings
Emerald hoop earrings Sale price1.400€
Eye ringEye ring
Eye ring Sale price1.570€
Eye choker & braceletEye choker & bracelet
Eye choker & bracelet Sale price1.310€
Eye emerald hook earrings
Eye emerald hook earrings Sale price2.280€
Sapphire hoop earrings
Sapphire hoop earrings Sale price1.430€
Emerald and ball hoop earrings
Emerald and ball hoop earrings Sale price1.460€
Sapphire and diamonds hoop earrings
Alegra pendant necklaceAlegra pendant necklace
Alegra pendant necklace Sale price2.540€
Cabo open ring with diamond & emeraldsCabo open ring with diamond & emeralds
Cabo twist emerald pinky ringCabo twist emerald pinky ring
Cabo twist emerald pinky ring Sale price2.290€
Cabo & emeralds braceletCabo & emeralds bracelet
Cabo & emeralds bracelet Sale price13.180€
Eyes earringsEyes earrings
Eyes earrings Sale price5.610€
Eyes braceletEyes bracelet
Eyes bracelet Sale price7.070€
Eyes chokerEyes choker
Eyes choker Sale price9.600€
Emerald & Midnight earringsEmerald & Midnight earrings
Emerald & Midnight earrings Sale price6.980€
Racimo Gems earringsRacimo Gems earrings
Racimo Gems earrings
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Cabo open ring fancy diamondCabo open ring fancy diamond
Cabo open ring fancy diamond Sale price1.760€
Open Cabo ring diamond & emeraldOpen Cabo ring diamond & emerald
Cabo sapphire open ringCabo sapphire open ring
Cabo sapphire open ring Sale price750€
Sapphire and diamonds hoop earrings
Ruby and diamonds hoop earrings
Emerald and diamond hoop earrings
Emerald ball pendantEmerald ball pendant
Emerald ball pendant Sale price2.960€
The Emerald ringThe Emerald ring
The Emerald ring
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Emerald ball earrings
Emerald ball earrings Sale price2.930€
Emeralds hook earrings with oval diamonds
Pear emeralds earrings
Pear emeralds earrings
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Emerald and marquise ringEmerald and marquise ring
Emerald and marquise ring Sale price10.400€
Sapphire duo earring
Sapphire duo earring Sale price580€
Emeralds duo earring
Emeralds duo earring Sale price800€
Ruby duo earring
Ruby duo earring Sale price580€
Emerald hoop earrings
Emerald hoop earrings Sale price1.020€
Sapphire hoop earrings
Sapphire hoop earrings Sale price990€
Ruby hoop earrings
Ruby hoop earrings Sale price990€
Emerald square hoop earrings
Emerald square hoop earrings Sale price1.780€
Ruby square hoop earrings
Ruby square hoop earrings Sale price1.730€
Sapphire hoop black rhodium earrings
Cushion emeralds hook earrings
Sapphire hoop yellow gold earrings
Emerald and diamonds pendant necklaceEmerald and diamonds pendant necklace
Maxi lanzadera emerald ringMaxi lanzadera emerald ring
Maxi lanzadera emerald ring Sale price3.070€
Oval emerald and diamonds pendant necklaceOval emerald and diamonds pendant necklace
Sapphire ringSapphire ring
Sapphire ring Sale price1.140€
Ruby ringRuby ring
Ruby ring Sale price1.060€
Emerald ringEmerald ring
Emerald ring Sale price1.140€
Emerald and laser pendantEmerald and laser pendant
Emerald and laser pendant Sale price1.370€